Kirkwall, Orkney, 23 July 1883

Rev Archibald Maccallum, Rousay
George Leonard, Crofter, Triblo, Rousay
Mrs Georgina Inkster, Hammer, Rousay
James Leonard, Crofter and mason, Digro, Rousay
James Grieve, Cottar, Outer Dykes, Rousay
William T Norquay, Banker, South Ronaldshay
Frederick William Traill Burroughs, Lieutenant-General, Proprietor, Rousay
Alexander Wilson, West Puldrite, Rendall
John Brown, Farmer, Kelton, St Ola
Benjamin Swanson, Factor for Dr Traill North Ronaldshay and Ground Officer, Sanday
John Campbell Mellis, Sheriff-Substitute of Orkney

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